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What makes each of us feel most alive? The answer to this is personal for each of us, but for me I feel most alive when I am outside immersed in an experience.  I have been lucky enough to live in some beatuiful places in the world and in these places I have explored the mountains, cliffs, beaches that surround the buildings and man made structures.  It is in these places that I have found ways of getting involved with my surroundings so that I feel most alive.  


Rock climbing and surfing have inspired me to travel and explore many places around the world that you would normally have little reason to visit; and these places and experiences have been the inspiration for me to paint. In 2003, not long after I began surfing, my artwork started to reflect his interest. I began studying waves captured by surf photograhers such as David Pu'u. Gradually, over time my painting has developed to become more expressive.  Each painting is now far more about how I feel about being in or by the ocean.  


I have always felt a responsibilty that we should care for the world around us but more and more I see this emerging in the artwork I want to create.







Frances Watling - Rubbish Boy-Tile